Information note – COVID-19

Updated on 02/11/2020


Covid-19: OPnGO adapts its services

Our customers’ well-being and safety are our top priorities. As part of the French government’s new measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, we inform you that OPnGO and INDIGO are adapting its services. 

If you need to travel and park in a car park, know that our car parks remain open 24h/24 and 7j/7. Opt for the OPnGO app and activate the Hands-Free Access for a « contactless » parking experience, the gates will open automatically at your arrival. 

You won’t have to be in contact with the tactile zones (keyboard, buttons) of the automatic terminals and cash registers to take a ticket or pay for your parking session.

To activate the Hands-Free Access mode from the OPnGO app, go to the « My account » section and tick the “Hands-Free Access” option.

A parking package to move around easily 

To help you move around when you need to, we have created a 100% contactless daily parking package. You can park at a fixed price in the car park of your choice, starting at 5€.

This package is available in more than 120 INDIGO’s car parks in Paris, Lille, Toulouse, Marseille, Strasbourg, Caen, Compiègne, Tours, Nancy and Lyon.

Keep in mind that you can pre-pay until the last minute or freely cancel your reservation until 1 hour beforehand. In addition, you can enter and leave the car park unlimitedly during the day.


Are you part of the medical staff ?

OPnGO and INDIGO are going into action to help you. We offer you once again free parking in all INDIGO car parks in France connected to OPnGO, during the entire lockdown period in France.
More information on this article.

On-street parking

Many cities adapt and offer free on-street parking during the lockdown period, so you don’t need to go through the application or pay at the parking meter. French cities connected to OPnGO include the following :

  • Ile-de-France : Rueil-Malmaison, Montrouge 
  • Occitanie : Perpignan
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur : Cagnes-sur-Mer 

This list is not exhaustive, we update it regularly.

For more information on on-street parking in your city, we also invite you to visit the website of your city hall.

To reach our customer service, please use emails ( or tickets from the app. You can reach it by phone at +33 9 73 72 33 13 (free call). We will do our best to answer all your questions quickly.

Additional hygiene measures in INDIGO car parks

In addition to the usual maintenance of car parks, additional hygiene measures are implemented: disinfection of contact zones such as paying machines (reinforced on tactile zones: keypads, buttons, etc.), entry and exit terminals, door handles and lifts.

We also remind you that these measures are complementary and do not replace the actions defined by the Government and health professionals.

For the customers and employees safety, the INDIGO stores will be temporarily closed. The staff on site will be mobilised for security and local maintenance missions. For all other needs, the car parks will be managed remotely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We remind you that only the following journeys are authorized :

  • Travels between home and work or higher education institutions for students or adult education centres, as well as business travel that cannot be postponed
  • Travels to make purchases of supplies necessary for the professional activity, essential purchases in authorised establishments, and home deliveries 
  • Travel for consultations and care that cannot be provided remotely and cannot be postponed, as well as the purchase of medicines
  • Travels for compelling family reasons, assistance to vulnerable or precarious persons, child custody 
  • Travels for people with disabilities and their carers
  • Going out close to home, within the limit of one hour per day and within a maximum radius of 1km around the home related either to the individual physical activity of people, or to walking between people of the same home, or to the needs of pets
  • Judicial or administrative summons and public service appointments
  • Participation in general interest missions at the request of the administrative authority 

When you travel, remember to bring the document justifying your trip, available on the government website here

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